STOICH are an international Alternative / Post Hip-Hop project of DRUNKEN CHILD (Raps/Vocals) and XNDL (Production/Founder SUBVERSIV*REC.), which started in summer 2022 and directly one month later the first 4 track demo „official live bootleg“ incl. music videos was released.

Musically and in terms of content there are no restrictions, the musical spectrum extends from dark electronic productions to dub, reggae, jungle, Illbient, glitch but also classic boom bap, or soundtrack-like or pathetic classical sounds.

The first full album is expected in 2023. Watch out and follow for the regular updates and stories the Instagram social media account.





STOICH – official live bootleg out now

The first official demo of DRUNKEN CHILD & XNDL under the project name „STOICH“ is now officially available on Bandcamp. It costs nothing, but every feedback, share, recommendation, feature, commendable mention is reward enough for us.


Proudly we can give a name to the new project of DRUNKEN CHILD & XNDL since today. This is STOICH! What does that mean? We will find out in the next months, but you should keep stoic calm and wait for the things… At the moment only two things are sure.